Unified STRONG Online Training

Unified STRONG Online Training

We service many people remotely and online. Many have reached out to Unified Training Centre because they have seen the results we can produce. Over the years we have serviced many people remotely and the results have been just as great! Our Unified STRONG Body Transformation Program is a perfect solution for those who:
  • Like to train at home
  • Prefer to stick with their own gym or fitness studio
  • Don’t live close to us
  • Prefer to train privately
  • Like to set their own schedule 
The Unified STRONG Program will include a dedicated Accountability and Nutrition Coach, Customizable Meal Planning, Unified STRONG App for direct communication and check ins, your own calendar, online workouts, and progress reporting. On select Program levels a FREE Fitbit watch, Food Scale and Body Weight Scale is included. For those living close enough, we would have you come in for frequent Body Composition Analysis to ensure everything is going the right way.


Train with World Class Trainers in our UStrength Small Group sessions. This specialized training program uses resistance training designed to build up strength, power, explosiveness, and lean muscle mass. The goal in UStrength is to maintain or improve on your strength and skeletal muscle mass. Although, this doesn’t mean bulking up and adding 75 pounds to your frame (unless this is your goal!), strength is needed by everyone at every age to maintain optimal physical health. Whether you are 25 or 85, being strong is necessary to be able to perform the activities of daily life efficiently and effectively while reducing the risk of injury. This is especially important for older populations who have a higher risk of injury due to falls. Resistance training aids in improving bone density which is able to withstand more impact and stress.

Joining our UStrength Program includes an assessment first. During this assessment we will check your mobility and alignment so we can properly create a plan specifically for you. The next step will be building a personalized training program designed by a World Class Coach based on your goals and assessment. UStrength is next level training for those who want a more personalized experience in a smaller group with unlimited training options.

Because participants will work their way up with resistance training under the guidance of a professional instructor, these sessions are limited to 8 persons so we can give you the attention you need and to ensure safety amongst all our participants.